Born in Messina in 1981, in Siciliy, Italy. He completed technical studies at the ITIS G.Marconi in Messina, earning a diploma in Electronic Telecommunications. He worked for over ten years as web graphic designer without ever abandoning his passion for photography and digital art.

Especially in recent years, thanks also to travels and conversations with people, he has developed this passion more concretely with the creation of digital works of contemporary / surrealist tendency through the combination of various types of textures.

In the choice of themes, symbols and colors, he is mainly inspired by his land and the problems that characterize the contemporary world. His work found unanimous opinions from critics and the public. Marco Pavone has participated in various exhibitions and art collectives.

Few months ago Paolo Levi, an important Italian art critic, wrote about the artist’s work: “The artist Marco Pavone uses digital technology to transpose his philosophy of life onto the medium: art as an expression of his thoughts, reflections, existential questions to communicate and share. Brings together more textures to create surreal art reinterpreted in a modern key but without forgetting the past that is inserted to close the circle of a timeless artistic expression and therefore for this current and fascinating”.

 On March 2019 Plinio Perilli, Italian Critic wrote: “Marco Pavone graphic WEB, coryphaeus of digital art, gives us neo- surrealistic works, couplings of textures. However, contemporary problems are urgently needed, a sincere and supportive creed: the Africa in “The heart of the Earth”, “The power of mystification” (the man / deer and skyline of skyscrapers of news). Beautiful paintings are “Le Penseur” (the lunatic Leopardi of today?), “Arbiter elegantiarum”, a festive “Rejouissance” emerald, radiant, decomposed of planes of light.”

Last Exhibitions:

December 2019 Exhibition“Istituto Italiano di Cultura” Athens Greece

October 2019 Prize “Leonardo da Vinci” Florence 24th October – 5th November from Artist all over the

September 2019 Messina “Night of Art”. In 14 Locations in various parts of City there was various kind of events among paint exhibition

September 2019 Paris Collective, Espace Thorigny, Le Merais

June 2019 Roma “Prize Giulio Cesare” Palazzo Ferraioli, Piazza Colonna Roma

May 2019 Charity Auction Pontecagnano, Italy.

May 2019 Collective Exhibition Sala Picasso, Roma

May 2019 Atelier Natalia Gromicho- Lisbon. International Prize Contemporary Art “Vasco de Gama” Digital Exhibition.

May 2019 Exhibition “Materia e Colore” Area Contesa Arte Via Margutta, Rome Italy

March 2019 Exhibition “Artisticamente Sud” Area Contesa Arte Via Margutta, Rome Italy

December 2018 at International Art Prize – Salerno Italy- Marco Pavone received “Premio della Critica” for section Digital Art and Certificate of merit for Digital

August 2018 Exhibition “Pittura Scultura Grafica” XXVI Edition Pizzo Italy

July 2018 Palermo International Art Award Italy assigned to Marco Pavone for “ Perfect mix tecnique, innovation and tradition”

July 2018 Palermo International Art Award Italy Marco Pavone received “Certificate of Awarding”

July 2018 Palermo International Art Award Italy Certificate of Merite. In that occation the Critic Paolo Levi wrote what is mentioned above.

April-May 2018 Exhibition “Materia e Colore” Area Contesa Arte Via Margutta Rome, Itay

April 2018 Exhibition “Prize National Art” Category Photografy and Grafic Castello Aragonese Reggio Calabria Italy

April 2018 third Classified “Prize National Arte Reggio Calabria”Italy

March 2018 Exhibition “Liberamente 2” Area Contesa Arte Via Margutta Rome, Itay

January 2018 Exhibition “Nebbie” Area Contesa Arte Via Margutta Rome, Itay

August 2017 Exhibition “Pittura Scultura Grafica” XXV Edition Pizzo Italy

March 2017 “Concorso Arte e Artisti Contemporanei” Palazzo Ferrajoli Rome Italy